What Are The Characteristics of Black Russian Terrier

The black Russian terrier is one of the most hardworking breeds in Russia. Where they are known for their ability to perform any possible task even during harsh climate conditions.

The Shepherd’s personality can make for an exciting dog that needs exercise and mental stimulation. They’re excellent with children, but may be too friendly towards strangers due to their energetic nature!

The Shepherds are a great choice if you want your pet to stay sharp by going on long walks or playing games all day long. They will never let go of anything in sight until it has been thoroughly investigated from head (or tongue) down onto its paws;

however this high attention span also comes at the cost of being slower when acting aggressively out fearful reactions could set them off unintentionally causing much harm upon another person.

What Are The Characteristics of Black Russian Terrier

Maintaining a “pit bull” is not just for the brave and fierce, it’s also an exciting opportunity! DNA studies indicate that shelter staff are unable to determine which dogs are pit bulls by looking at them.

A lot of people think they own this type when in fact their dog could be anything from mixed breed to APBTs – you never know until you get down n dirty with researching your pup’s background (or buying one)!

Most actual APBTs are dog aggressive and don’t need any reason to attack another. They just like fighting!

When I was a judge at my friend’s dog show, two Russian Terrier bit puppies. The Cavalier pup wasn’t even looking and he got assaulted by them! Must Read How Many Dogs Are In The Black Russian Terrier.

Characteristics of Black Russian Terrier

No 1: The height of a black Russian Terriers is around 25 to 28 inches tall.

No 2: Their weight can be anywhere between 55 and 80 pounds.

No 3: The tail is usually docked and should be no longer than four inches long. However, if owners decide not to dock their dog’s tail it can be a natural bobtail.

No 4: The coat is usually short and very easy to maintain because of its smoothness. There should not be any undercoat.

No 5: The eyes should ideally be dark brown, however they can also be amber or green. They will either have almond or round shaped eyes.

No 6: They have a rectangular build with a long muzzle and straight legs. Their paws should also be webbed which gives them an excellent swimming ability.

No 7: Their ears should either be cropped or natural, they can also have a little curl at their tips which is desirable.

No 8: It is recommended to feed them between two and three cups of high quality dry food a day. The amount will vary depending on how active they are.

How To Train a Black Russian Terrier

No 9: The average life span of a healthy Russian Terriers is between 12 and 15 years long depending on their size, breed standard or lineage.

No 11: They make great watchdogs and should always warn their owners of any potential danger.

No10: They have a very strong prey drive so they should not be around small animals or children. However, because of how socialized and well-mannered they are, they can be excellent family pets.

No 12: They will bark at anything they find suspicious and because of how protective they can be. It is recommended to socialize them as much as possible with strangers and new environments.

No 13: They were originally bred as guard dogs so they should only be around older children or adults because of how protective they can be.

No 14: They should always be supervised when outside of their fence because they will wander off if they get a scent that interests them.

No 15: They tend to drool so it is important that they always have fresh water. Because of how intelligent they are, it is recommended for owners.

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